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Jade "Kaden" Thompson aka "Le Loup" is an artist and writer under the

name J.K Thompson (Wandlands.com)

After several years of working in the Modelling & Promotions industry including stunt &

extreme sports moved to Redditch in 2013 to be with his wife. After working for several

employment agencies realised the necessity of bringing together all recruitment companies in

towns to give those looking for work higher chance of success.

He now runs Redditch Media to help Unemployed people & small businesses to prosper with no catch

22 obstacles such as expensive start up costs /webdesign fees. Sometimes it is simply just

about connecting the right people and at no expense.

Jade also owns www.PurpleAgency.co.uk for extreme sport athletes in UK & Europe

As well as Vamp-Media.com for other stuff.

If you would like to work in Promotions, We have several contacts around the UK we can put you in touch with.

For example we have friends up north who work Nationally promoting drink brands

Go to www.KLBPromotions.co.uk if you would like to register with them.

For a list of other contacts to help you find work then please email VampMediaCompany@gmail.com

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